Saturday, January 26, 2008

Holdit Minute

My two year old has just started speaking sentences. It is such a fun time, she can say anything now. Yesterday, she was trying to cram a bunch of markers in my hand while saying, "Holdit, minute". I thought I would die. The process of acquiring language is truly amazing. How do they do it?

Our house hunt continues. We have broadened our search to include the town where my husband works. This is currently an hour commute for him. I have out hunting, with my GPS, to check out the homes on our list. They have all stunk, to high heaven. STUNK. There is this one, a repo, it looks in great condition. It's price is 89k. Do you KNOW what a mortgage would be on this? Unreal. Problem is, these bank owned properties won't take contingent contracts, so until ours actually sells, we can't do very much. By the time that happens, someone else will probably have snatched it up. We DID have two showings this week. The first feedback was, it was way out of the client's price range. (then why on earth did she waste everyone's time by coming to see it?), the second one, well they drove through the neighborhood and didn't like it, so never even came in. Geesh. I don't think these people have any clue what is involved in me showing this house. I have two babies, helloo. It is hard to get out of the house for anything, let alone leave it super clean! Bitter? Who, me?
It is just disappointing, that's all. You get your hopes up soooo high, and then nothing. It'll happen. I know it will.


kimmyk said...

keep your chin up.

it'll all happen....

tiffany said...

ugh. I hate showing my house. We just had one baby last time but also pets and it was so hard to get everything ready. I hear that open houses are a waste of time but that is how our last one sold and it was so much better to get it ready for multiple people to come see it than for one person at a time. Have you done any of those? Our realtor let us hold our own when she wasnt available.

The right one will come along!