Sunday, January 18, 2009

drum roll please...

Yes, he wants it. Unbelievable. Unsolicited, and unbelievable. We are thrilled and relieved. There is a lot to do and wait for, for the formal offer and all that stuff..but overall he fully intends to buy the house and it will perfectly suit his needs. Also, his son just went off to Iraq yesterday, so say a prayer for him (I don't know his name) as you read this if you would please.

I hope you know, what is so apparent to me..only God could arrange these circumstances. I don't believe in coincidence. I believe in a Big, Personal, God, who cares about all the insignificant details of our little lives. Mostly I believe that He has a plan for us, for our family and we have to be in a certain position to be free from debt so we can do certain things..whatever they may be. We have open hearts where this is concerned, but I couldn't refrain from mentioning such an important factor in this. You see, where we were just 6 months ago, compared to where we will be in 6 more months is astounding. We went from just living, and drowning in our financial obligations and creating debt in order to survive and buy food for our family, to being nearly completely free from all debt. At some point just over a year ago, Matt and I really began seeking God and His will for our lives. Not knowing for sure what it could be, we really stepped out in faith in moving here. It could have been disastrous, if our renters left us high and dry, we may have had to move back without jobs, to try to hang onto the house and not end in ruin. We just didn't know. Who knew? We'll see how things turn out, but I am confident that none of this (positive circumstance) is any result of any single thing I did or ever did in effort to save us financially. And to me, that is astounding. It was such a fluke, that he even found us..such a fluke. I also believe that evil is out there. I truly believe that when God has a plan and you are heading in that direction, you will face opposition. To me, it is inevitable..and I see every little thing that comes up that could deter the course or screw with it in any way as opposition. Realizing this, I have to keep myself in check, being ready and prepared to deal with these things in a much better way than I am usually accustomed. Which is, total freak out. Seriously. I just have to see it for what it is.

This is just stuff pouring out of my brain, you may not agree on all of these things, but I have to say it. It's truth to me.

So, great news. I hope you are having just as lovely a weekend. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers throughout this, I appreciate every single one!

The kids got to see two sets of grandparents today (Matt's parents are divorced and remarried and live within a few miles from our old house). We told Madison she would see her grandparents, but as we drove home, she was quick to mention that she didn't get to see allll her grandparents, cause she didn't get to see grammy and papa (my parents). I thought that was sweet. Hopefully soon, we will.

By the way, we were recently introduced to Dave Ramsey's book, it's a christian perpective and guide on finance and fantastic. The point is simply, acquire no debt. If you can't afford it in cash, don't buy it until you can. This generation is far from adjusted to the notion of waiting, for anything. We were in that boat. We see things differently and are in agreement to follow these principals. Once we are free from our debts, we will work on paying off car loans as quickly as we can. Be slave to no creditor. That is what it is, pick up a copy-or let me share mine..and we can send it all around.


Jenn @ said...

I'm glad that things are looking up for yall! My dad used to say "Let Go, Let God." I think that this fits in your case :)

Nichole said...

That's awesome!

Binky said...

I hope everything works out with the house!

Stephanie said...

That is wonderful news!! I am so happy for you!!
and by the way your weight loss is inspiring, you look absolutely fabulous!!!
I'm off to the gym right now, wish me luck!

Angela said...

It is wonderful when there is good news to share

cc1sillygoose said...

I am so happy for you! Things always get better!!!

kimmyk said...

yeah for that dude wanting to buy your house!

sorry to hear about his son though. prayers said.

i agree, there is something about having GOD in one's life that brings about a peace. i've struggled many years with trying to find my place until recently and realized my place is here and HE is always with me. it's a good feeling.

It's definitely peaceful.

and that whole get out of debt thing? totally my 2009 mantra!

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

That's great!! fingers crossed!