Friday, February 27, 2009

You know what's cool?

Getting to watch God work in your life or in the lives of others. There have been so many clear things that could only have BEEN God in our lives, here lately, cause we could have never done them ourselves!
Last night we had dinner with some new friends who live on our street. Some of the most genuinely kind and humble people I have ever even had the privledge of getting to know. I am thankful for the connection and the chance to claim such wonderful people as friends. It all began with a delivery of chocolate chip cookies, so you know God was in it all the way! I jest, but it's truth. I just wanted to celebrate such a lovely thing with you, because I am simply thankful and truly overwhelmed that God would concern his mighty self with the small details of our little lives. But He does. He will. I promise.
The more Matt and I focus on where we are and talk about seems we really like it here. Though I am a bit leary of buying again, for fear of being cemented somewhere, I too fear having no tax deduction! Same year Moriah turns 18 and will be claiming herself, we will be selling our home (which is another-both actually-provision we prayed about). So, we are thinking and considering maybe the idea of purchasing here, even this home? We'll see what God does, I'll keep you posted. You know I will!
In other news, Drew is about to turn 2 years old! Hard to believe time has passed so quickly. He's an angel of a boy and I adore him so so much. I am thankful. Simply. Thankful.
We'll be going down to NC to have a little party for him with Matt's fam. Mine came here to celebrate a week or so ago. Rather than have everyone try to mesh and drive all the way here, where I would stress and anxiety over cleaning and cooking..and entertaining, I'd rather have mine here and his there. Simple. None or little stressing. My parents still have to drive, but it's more relaxed having them here.
I will be putting a montage together soon for my Drew man, so be on the lookout for it. I am limited in the pictures I have easy access to, so it may not be quite as wonderful as I wish..but it'll make me cry and that's the point, right?
Hope ya'll have a fab weekend! Heal quickly Kimmyk :)


kimmyk said...

They say God works in mysterious ways....I believe that whole heartedly!

Happy birthday to your lil man! They grow so quickly don't they?

Thanks for the healing wishes. I really appreciate that. I'll post pics for you when I can move. LOL!

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

Oh, that is so the point! Glad to hear ur getting settled. :o)