Wednesday, June 10, 2009

been a while...I know

I am so thankful I have recorded some of the things I have because to be able to look back and see the different places we have been in our lives, in our's amazing!
I have to start by telling you just how very thankful I am for what God has shown me, the last 6 months. He is so SO right here with us, you just don't KNOW. (as Dane Cook says) I wish I could share with you all of the amazing details, but there are far too many to even count. Every day, God shows me something new. Every day I am in awe. It never fails and it never ends. We have met some of the most amazing people out here, in our LahIVES! Seriously, it's not them, I know, it is totally God IN them. But amazing, nonetheless. I mean, some of the kindest, most gentle, humble, loving and selfless people you would ever hope to know. It just doesn't seem to end. One after another, I am blown away by the blessings that we see and know are taking place all around us. The opposition is there too, let me tell ya. So, that's how we know there's something really cool going on here.
ANYWAY, a few cool things of note going on here soon are:
*Matt and I are being officially Baptized this weekend as we become members of our amazing church. I am terrified. I have been before as a child, but I am terrified to do this in front of all these people! Terrified. So much so, I ALMOST said no way. I actually asked my pastor in a really whiney voice, "Do we realllllllyyyy hhhhaaaaaaavvvvee tooooo?" He asked me what the bible told me about it. I said, "AlRIGHT.." defeated. Let me throw in as a disclaimer though, it is truly an HONOR to bare witness to what I believe in. Truly. I'm just skeeered. That's all.
**At the end of this month, the kids (including Moriah!) will be going to the beach to spend a few days with my brother and my soon to be, SIL! I am excited to connect with her and develop a relationship, since you know-she's about to be my new sista! I don't have any real sisters, so it's kind of a really cool thing. I always wanted a sister...hmmm
***Matt is going on a men's retreat with some folks from our old church in NC. I know it is going to be a great time for him to really relax and have a good time. I am so glad he has decided to go, against much current opposition!
****I had lunch with my daughter today, after not seeing her for over a month. We had only texted each other. God has done an amazing work within my heart. A verse, if you feel so inclined, please read this, it is for her: Psalm 106:4, 6-8! One day, I will share this with her.
*****We are traveling to PA next month for a week to see Matt's family! We are so excited to see them. I can't wait to eat some peanut butter pie, I have only ever seen it on his grandmother's table! I must know where she gets it and can they ship it to me in bulk. Monthly.
******After going on a crazy chocolate chip cookie binge that lasted about a month and gaining about 10 lbs, I am back on my stupid, awful diet and it is almost gone! Got self control? Me either. One literally leads to whatever two packages is, a night. Seriously, I have a problem. I am controlling it, but it is eating me ALIVE! I just want a cookie... or forty. :(
*******Our house sells at the end of JULY! I cannot tell you HOW thankful I am. You just don't KNOW. So, we are looking around. Knowing we will live her as long as we are able..we may go on and buy here. Small budget, but who cares?
That's about it, but it's all good stuff. I am so thankful to my God for loving me enough to let me know each day, just how much. He loves you that much too.
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Aunt Becky said...

You need to blog more. That's an order.

cc1sillygoose said...

I am so happy for you!!! Congrats on the baptism. You will do great. God is truly amazing and may he continue blessing your life!