Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank you, God...

Be still my heart. My son, never fails to capture it, all over again, every single day. My son, my beautiful, handsome, little man. The emotion stirred by his pudgy, baby arms wrapped around my neck in a toddler hug is nearly too much for my heart to contain. I can’t describe to you, how dearly I love him.

Drew was sitting on my lap and I was nuzzling him close and suddenly something happened. I had this realization of where he came from, almost like it was the first time I even had even a remote understanding. I held him close, savoring his presence and thought to myself, “you started out so small, so tiny, and grew inside of ME” what an overwhelming realization that was. This boy, whom I adore with every part of my soul, actually came from me. Starting out so small, what a miracle his little life even is (as is every single child’s). God was with him from the beginning, forming his tiny, little self in me. God meshed together part of daddy and part of mommy to create a perfect little human. A perfect little boy was made. A perfect little boy, who brings so much joy to our lives. It is hard to even fathom, with my simple, human mind how truly miraculous his little life is. Beginning so small, made with love-from above and delivered to two parents who would adore him the way we do. Holding my little boy, I thought to myself how he had been “with” me for nearly three whole years and how blessed I am to have been given such gifts as these children. May I always keep in the fore of my mind and my heart, how precious and what an incredible miracle my children are-from beginning to present and in the future. It’s hard to imagine that God thought I was even deserving enough to care for them. He has entrusted their little lives to me, that is difficult for my mind to wrap around. I will never stop being thankful to God for this honor.

I love you Andrew.

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Aunt Becky said...

Awww! What a sweet post!