Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok, NOW I'm getting excited..

I signed my "publishing" contract today. My publisher is my step-FIL, had he not been willing, I doubt I would have ever done this. The thing is, I was really inspired to do it. You see, I, like so many other parents out there, am SO in love with my kids. I want their little lives to be perfect and full of pleasant memories and traditions. One day, I was hugging my littlest daughter and I was chanting a rhyme to her as I was kissing her cheeks. It was then, when the little book was born. I instantly thought to myself, how I wanted desperately to preserve that moment for her (assuming it was as enjoyable for her) and freeze dry my love for her into something tangible that she can have forever and one day share with her own children. I want her to think to herself, "Gee, my mom must have realllly loved me..."
I know scrapbooks often hold the same sentimental inspiration or notion, and I only wish I could afford to indulge in such a crafty hobby. So, that is the real motive behind my little book.

The bonus is that anyone can have it. That's the coolest part to me, my kids will always be able to say-"hey, check out this book in the library-my picture's in it!" and they'll be proud. That is just how I want it to be. I know a lot of people write because they feel they have a voice that needs to be heard. I just wanted my kids to always know what being with them was like for me, as their mother, who loves them so so much. I don't mind letting other people in on the story, because I know it is one we will all relate to. I know I will love reading it to my toddlers and others might too. So, for this reason, I feel very proud to have had the courage to pursue this.

The other thing is, when I take a look at some of my children's books, I am sometimes surprised how the "story" ever got published to begin with and I always thought in the back of my mind when encountering one of these, I could do better. Most could actually, but I wanted to.

So, soon I will be posting the button where you can find it...until then I want you to keep something in mind..if you have something you are having trouble publishing, or have never even tried...I have a company you will be very interested in talking to. When I post the links, one will be directly to their website, where you can look into having your own piece published.

I hope your week is starting out nicely too!


Aunt Becky said...

What a great way to start the week! Massive congrats to you!

kimmyk said...

yeah how exciting and what a sweet idea!!!

when it's published will you sign a copy for me??? huh huh will ya pleaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Jenn @ thatpsychofamily.com said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment!

Angela said...


cc1sillygoose said...

WOW!!! I am so happy for you! I can not wait to see this book. I am so excited!!!! Keep it up girl!!!