Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I do hope you all have a lovely and SAFE Christmas!
Try to relax and enjoy the moments with your family.
Don't forget to charge your camera or the video camera,
especially before you drive to grandma's house!
Remember though, who it was that began this blessed tradition..Jesus.
Also, remember what His purpose was, to save us all.
He did that.
For you. For me.
Tomorrow, after the kids have ripped into their new treasures
and you have picked up allll the paper and bows...
and boxes....
and those little wirey things that hold the toys into their packaging
(which I hate),
Don't forget to whisper: Happy Birthday to Jesus!


kimmyk said...

"Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!"

Thank you for the reminder.

and I too hate those lil' wire things they hold baby dolls heads in place with. Crap.

Amanda said...

Hey friend. Hope the chocolate was good. Thank you for the prayers for Uncle Dennis!