Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please Pray

I need your support on something guys. We visited a lovely church this past Sunday and at the end of the service a family was brought up front to ask for the congregation's prayers in a matter concerning their toddler boy. This beautiful baby boy has a tumor in his eye and they were having it checked out this week. He and his family are down in NC at Duke. As it turns out, the tumor was cancer and they are having to remove the baby's eye! I am so so sad for this family and they are asking for prayer that the other eye remain cancer free. They are also checking to be sure there is no cancer in his spine. What this family is going through right now, and what this baby must endure in the next few weeks is incredible.
Please take a moment and pray with me about this. I just saw this baby on Sunday, he is a real little boy and this is a real suffering family. Although I do not know them personally, my heart is very heavy with this burden. Please, just pray for him. I don't even know his name but God knows.


Tanya said...

So prayers are with this family :(

kimmyk said...

so sad.

Anonymous said...

UNH (U Know Who) here
AKA "Va Traveler"
Our prayers are with that poor family.
Brings to mind how blessed we REALLY are. All of our children well and healthy.
After all, our children ar our lives.
God bless you dear for your kind heart.
Drop me a line at VA traveler on the blogspot.
PS how is your # 1 girl. Yes, the one thats traveling. Is she going back to scholl, got a new job, WHAT!
If you talk to her give her my blog please.

CU Soon

cc1sillygoose said...

My prayers are being sent.....