Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yes, of COURSE I ate the entire box of chocolates yesterday! And YES, duh, I ate the cookies I made for Matt too. What did you think I'd do on V Day?

And yes, it tasted great, and I felt terrible the rest of the day. Felt, literally terrible, not guilt terrible. Also, yes I am working out today to attempt to burn off 1/18th of what I ate yesterday. Carbs do NOT agree with me, although they taste mighty fine when I am consuming them.

Today is my one year anniversary of low carbing. Truthfully, it's a year now that I have felt better than I have in years and years. Yesterday was a reminder of what I felt like most of my adult life, tired and sluggish. All. The. Time. Not anymore!


kimmyk said...

we all fall off the wagon at some's just important to brush yourself off and get back on. (if you should choose to do so)

1 year...i never stuck with anything for a year. kudos to you!

Angela said...

I think I over did it on the chocolate too.


Tanya said...

Good for you to notice the difference! I love chocolate and it's just not safe around me! In fact, this morning, for breakfast, I had one of those Cadbury Eggs, oh how I love those!