Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Altered Plans and Poop

I should say, Altered plans BY poop. We had a big day planned for us this beautiful Tuesday..however...

Today was Madison's school day which begins at 9am and then I was to head over to the church for my very first bible study class with a bunch of really wonderful ladies. I was so excited to go and they even had child care for Drew! They knew I was going to be late and I had confirmed my attendance as late as last night.

  • -Madison woke up this morning having cramps and "tummy issues" or "hiney issues," I should say.
  • -By some miracle, I woke up ON time to get showered and get the kids up with NO crying involved, by me or them-which is a huge plus!
  • -They ate their breakfast with minimum spillage.
  • -Got them both changed and their hair just so.
  • -Drew LOVES to taunt me by soiling his fresh diapers, and so he did.
  • -Poor Madison was victim of cramping and "stuff" at the precise time we would have had to leave to get to school on time. It took a while, and included squished faced looks of misery.
  • -I still considered taking her and loaded them up in the car, a little late-but hey we could still make it!
  • -Buckle Drew into his seat and he looks up at me with his precious eyes and says, "Poo Poo Mama. Poo Poo."
  • -I feel my entire countanance droop in that defeated way it does when nothing seems to go quite right.
  • -I unload the kids and all their stuff and come back inside.
  • -I blog about it, because somehow sharing it with you makes me feel better.


kimmyk said...

awww tummy issues are no fun for anyone.

they'll always be next tuesday, right?!?!

didja get a nap at least from getting up early?

Aunt Becky said...

Tummy issues are terrible. Hope everyone feels better soon!

cc1sillygoose said...

Poor tummy's!